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Our products

Commercial Print Papers

Our vast inventory of commercial and specialty papers are ready to ship.

  •  2 side / 1 side coated paper 

  • uncoated paper stock

  • embossed paper

  • Recycled Copy Paper

Kraft paper sheets / rolls

  • sack kraft paper 

  • brown bags paper

  • sanitary paper

  • bleached kraft paper

  • ribbed kraft paper

  • colored kraft paper 

Corrugated Paper

  • Kraft Liner Board (KLB paper)

  • WhiteTop Kraftliner Board (WTKLB paper)

  • Testliner paper

  • White Top Liner paper (WTL paper)

  • Fluting paper

  • Supercalendered Fluting paper (SC Fluting paper)

Different Paper Types

  • paper baking sheets – wholesale supplies

  • cellophane paper, bags, rolls, sheets.

  • sulphite paper

  • drawing paper

  • sandwich wrap paper

  • Tissue paper

  • Cheque Bible paper

  • Pulp paper

  • Filter tracing paper sheets / rolls

Publication Paper

We have a lot types of paper that perfect for the printing houses, publishing agencies, etc… – for example:

  • newsprint paper roll

  • bulky paper stock / cardstock paper

  • technical drawing paper (TD Paper)

  • Light Weight Coated paper (Lwc Paper)

  • medium weight coated paper (Mwc Paper)

  • super calendered paper (SC paper )

Paper Board

We offer a diverse portfolio of paperboard products in both sheets and rolls for offset and digital printing. Stock is available for both direct and indirect food contact, as well as forest-certified board:

  • duplex grey board

  • Solid bleached board (SBS board)

  • Folding boxboard (FBB board) at silver, gold, and milk colors.

  • carton / cardboard box & rolls

  • board posters

  • duplex board, triplex board and core boards

Colored Paper

  • manila paper

  • cream paper

  • metalized paper

  • holographic paper printing rolls

  • playing cards paper

  • fluorescent paper sheets and rolls

  • Carbonless copy paper (NRC paper)

  • self adhesive paper

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